About Us


Madame Killjoy

I do not exist for you. I am the Mistress of the maze that traps and contains you with no hope of escape. I enjoy strict bondage, CBT, sissification, foot fetish and OTK spankings being my favs. My torturing platforms are cyber and RT.


Lady Friday

My pupils know they are under My strict control and that discipline will undo your latent inherent tendencies. This is not my first rodeo, I love naughty pupils but bad behavior is addressed quickly and with severity. 



For pupils with specialized needs. I’m the Instructor you get sent to when you have advanced tutoring required. I revel in bad boys that need the firmest of hands and the sting of sweet discipline. I love whips of all kinds. Body punching, face slapping, high heel worship and humiliation are my great loves. I entertain video and RT tutoring sessions.